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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness


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I absolutely love this stuff!

This stuff has been amazing. As a health nut I’m always looking for new products to try and this one is great. It’s easy to mix into about anything and the flavor is great. I can already feel a difference and Totally buy again!

I didn't think I could find a replacement for my morning coffee till now!

SOOOO delicious! I didn't think I could find a replacement for my morning coffee till now! For breakfast, I add it to some milk along with my morning fruit. It completes my breakfast and makes me feel energized in the morning!!

A good choice!

I finally found a product that helps me maintain my mineral filled diet, without having that weird after taste like other supplement products have. Megaplants is going to be my go to from now on!

Omgggg i love iiit!!

Honestly, so impressed by these guys!!!!! I have used many powder blends and none of them taste as delicious as this with the benefits you receive from it. Within MINUTES, it felt like my brain connected new wires and I was thinking much clearer. Also NO FILLERS OR SWEETENERS. I had been using LAIRD hot chocolate before this and though it is delicious, it did not have the focus, and the artificial sweeteners weighed me down. LOVE!!


Wow surprised how much sea moss gel I was able to make out of this bag after letting it sit in water; it expanded more than I expected

Love the taste!

I have been using this product to replace coffee and the results have been great! My brain fog has gone away and I’m noticing a lot of natural, clean energy. Not to mention, the taste is AMAZING!

This supplement is everything AND MORE!

I’ve been looking for the perfect product to help me up my health game and this has done just that! My morning smoothie now helps me feel so much more energized, my skin is glowing, and my post workout soreness is so much less severe! My brain fog feels so much less intense when I add seamoss into my smoothies and it doesn’t have that weird aftertaste like so many other supplements!! I would recommend this to literally anyone who wants to just feel better overall!

WOW! I am so impressed with this brand.

My first time trying this brand, I was so surprised how much I was able to make with this single bag! It is amazing in smoothies and so easy to prep!

Definitely will be purchasing again!

This was my first time purchasing sea moss. I was worried it would have a strong scent, but it wasn’t bad at all, especially once I turned it into a gel. So far I’ve tried it in smoothies, as a face mask, and in my hair and I’m loving the results! My skin and hair feel so rejuvenated and moisturized!

Why Megaplants?

Golden Milk Magic - 50 Servings

Cacao Magic - 50 Servings

Matcha Magic - 50 Servings


Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Burdock Root - 70 Servings

100% Organic Wildcrafted Irish Seamoss - 240 Servings