Cordyceps was first discovered by Tibetan farmers high on the Himalayan plateaus over 2000 years ago when their livestock exhibited unprecedented energy and good health after ingesting the fungi. They quickly became a favorite for natural, sustainable energy and have been used as a traditional medicine to boost immunity and health ever since. Now we bring them to you in our blend so you too can feel their power.

Cacao Magic 5 Mushroom Blend.

Extra energy sound good to you? Us too. Cordyceps may be your new best friend then. Shown across several studies to increase endurance levels during exercise by up to 18%, Cordyceps helps you train harder, reduces fatigue and aids in faster recovery.

Cordyceps increases VO2 max, delivering more oxygen to your body and brain.

MegaPlants Mushroom Coffee

Ingredients: ORGANIC MegaPlants Mushroom Blend (Cordyceps, Reishi, Lion's Mane, Shiitake,
King Trumpet, Turkey Tail), Spray-Dried Arabica Coffee, MCT Oil Powder

Vegan | 100% Natural | Keto-friendly | Non-GMO | Low Caffeine

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